What is Professional Year?

Professional Year Program (PY or PYP) offers the unique combination of qualified teachers with real-world business experience, and highly focused modules designed to prepare you for your professional career in Australia. This provides candidates with additional benefits which include courses, internships and support services free of charge, designed to maximise your professional employment opportunities.

Entry Requirement

  1. Applicant holding Post Study Work Visa, subclass 485.
    • Engineering 476 – Recognised Graduate Visa holders.
    • 12 months remaining till expiry and full work rights (subclass 485 or 476)
  2. Skill assessment from CPA or Engineers Australia. IT professionals do not require an assessment.
  3. IELTS or equivalent requirement:
    • IT and Accounting: PTE-A score of 50 or IELTS score of 6.0, in all 4 competencies, or equivalent.
    • Engineering: PTE-A score of 50 with nothing below 36 or IELTS score of 6.0 with nothing below 5, in all 4 competencies


$4300After scholarships and discounts
  • 44 weeks duration
  • 12 weeks internship


$6999After scholarships and discounts
  • 44 weeks duration
  • 12 weeks internship


$15000After scholarships and discounts
  • 44 weeks duration
  • 12 weeks internship





    Fee Comparison Guarantee

    We can offer to beat or match any fee. *provided a valid quote.


    Successfully completing the Professional Year Program will help you:

    • Learn about the Australian business culture and environment
    • Understand how to seek and obtain employment in the Australian job market
    • Provide valuable workplace experience
    • Introduce you to the benefits and advantages of networking
    • Apply what you have learnt in a real and relevant workplace environment
    • Gain a competitive edge over other international graduates because of the additional skills and experience gained from the Program
    • Potentially gain an extra five points towards obtaining permanent residency

    There are a number of documents you must present to the Provider:

    i) A positive skills assessment from one of the Assessing  Bodies (CPA Australia, Australian Computer Society or Engineering Australia)
    ii) Your university completion letter
    iii) Your university academic transcript
    iv) IELTS test result score
    v) Appropriate and valid visa, 12 months remaining till expiry and full work rights (subclass 485 or 476)
    vi) Your passport

    No. The duration of the Program has been determined by the Department of Home Affairs (formerly DIBP).

    To be eligible to enrol in the Accounting and IT PYP, you must have an degree that you have obtained as a result of at least two years study in Australia.

    The primary aim of the Program is to develop employability skills of international graduates from Australian universities.

    It depends on how long the leave is, your visa duration and other factors. Any breaks taken may result in delaying your graduation. Please check with your Provider during the enrolment process when your graduation will be so that you can ensure you’re able to complete the Program.

    Participants are required to attend 100% of classes. Failure to attend classes may result in you being required to complete the subject again and your graduation being delayed.

    It is up to you to decide which Provider will be a good fit for you. Some things to consider when choosing a Provider are:

    i) The range of host employers offered for your internship
    ii) Reputation of the Provider
    iii) Additional Programs on offer e.g. English language; Accounting packages
    iv) Recommendations from students and recent graduates
    v) Employment outcomes of recent graduates
    vi) What support can provider offer you
    vii) Cost of the Program

    Yes. Under the terms of the agreement that every PYP Provider has agreed too, the Provider must not pay more than 15% of the course fee to an agent for referring a student. Commission payments to agents which exceed the 15% cap is a breach of agreed terms, and places the Provider at risk of having their right to deliver the Program revoked.

    No. You must complete the classwork prior to doing the internship. The Program is designed to provide participants with the skills and understanding of how to behave in the Australian workplace, and what is expected of them by an employer so that they may get the most out of the internship and have the best chance of securing full time work once graduated.

    No. Your Provider will arrange an internship for you with a suitable host employer. However if you are already employed in a relevant role your Provider and the host employer may agree for you to continue your internship with them. The appropriate checks and site visits must be conducted by your Provider before approval can be granted. In some cases participants may source their own internship, but the Provider must approve the company and tasks that you’ll be completing.