The Department of Home Affairs has announced that from 1 November 2021, fully vaccinated immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents allow to enter Australia with modified or no quarantine requirements.
Immediate family members with an exemption will need to meet the requirements set out in the
preparing to travel to Australia from overseas if provided with:
  • a valid visa
  • an approved exemption
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved vaccination certificate (NAATI translated if the certificate is not issued in English)
Also, you will be asked to provide with:
  • Colour copy of passport of the person’s willing to travel to Australia
  • Colour copy of the passport of the applicant’s son/daughter (in-law)
  • Birth Certificate of their son/daughter (make sure to provide us with the version showing parents name and surname)
  • A Visa Grant to show that the son/daughter (in-law) is a Permanent Resident of Australia. If Citizen, copy of his/her Australian passport
  • Vaccination certificates for any people intending to travel to Australia Flight tickets (if purchased already)

Visa Application Fee per applicant: $145

If you have inquiries regarding a travel exemption and lodgement of tourist visa, please book a consultation via, then one of our team will contact you.

*Please note that each state applies for different rules when it comes to quarantine.

What visa can they apply for?

Based on the nationality of the applicant, parents can apply for one of the following three short-term visas.